About RPO


RPO is the obligation mandated by the State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC) under the Act, to purchase minimum level of renewable energy out of the total consumption by the Obligated Entity.

Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission vide its Order dated.27th December 2019 has declared (RENEWABLE PURCHASE OBLIGATION, ITS COMPLIANCE AND IMPLEMENTATION OF REC FRAMEWORK) REGULATIONS, 2019 in the State of Maharashtra. This Regulation has been published in Part FOUR-C of Govt. of Maharashtra Gazette on dated.27th December 2019 .



The Main objective of this regulation is to promote co-generation from renewable sources and generation of electricity from renewable sources and is to specify a percentage for procurement of energy generated from such sources on the basis of total consumption of electricity within the area of a distribution licensee.


Obligated Entities

The minimum percentage as specified under this Regulation shall be applicable to all Distribution Licensees in the State of Maharashtra as well as to open access consumers and captive users within the State of Maharashtra, subject to following conditions:

(a) Any person who owns a grid-connected Captive Generating Plant based on conventional fossil fuel with installed capacity of 1 MW and above, or such other capacity as may be stipulated by the state Commission from time to time. and consumes electricity generated from such plant for his own use shall be subjected to RPO to the extent of percentage of his consumption met through such fossil fuel-based captive source.

(b) Any person having a contract demand of not less than 1 MVA and who consumes electricity procured from conventional fossil fuel based generation through Open Access shall be subjected to RPO to the extent of a percentage of his consumption met through such fossil fuel-based Open Access.

Provided that the State Commission may, by order, revise the minimum capacity referred to under sub-clause (a) and sub-clause (b) above from time to time.