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MEDA/ECN-015/2008-09/                                                                                                                            July 1st , 2008

                                                      To all Energy Planner & Energy Audit Firms / Agencies
                                Sub: Empanelment of Energy Planner & Energy Audit Firms/Agencies

                               In order to continue it's ongoing programme of “Save Energy” and also in the capacity of designated agency for State of Maharashtra under the Energy Conservation Act, 2001, MEDA invites the applications from interested Audit firms / Agencies for temporary empanelment / registration for a limited period of three years on the following criteria:-

i) Empanelment will be given to Energy Planner & Energy Auditing Firms / agencies and individual auditors it will be treated as “Energy Planner & Energy Auditor”

ii) The energy auditing firms / agencies may be autonomous bodies, societies, industry associations, NGOs, Government departments, registered companies, partnership firms, Energy Service companies, academic institutions, individuals etc. working in India in the similar field.

iii) Temporary empanelment up to 3 years may be awarded to those successful energy planner & energy auditing firms / agencies which have been in the energy auditing business. The Energy Auditing Firms / agencies should have to fulfill the following eligibility criteria for registration.


Application for Energy Audit Firm/Agency

Application Form
  1. Institutional Name and address
  2. Contact
  3. Chief Executive Name & designation
  4. Energy Chief Name & designation
  5. Type of organization
  6. Files
  7. Complete