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Whether Energy Audit is Conducted
Whether Energy Audit is Conducted?

i) Empanelment will be given to Energy Planner & Energy Auditing Firms / agencies
and individual auditors it will be treated as “Energy Planner & Energy Auditor”
ii) The energy auditing firms / agencies may be autonomous bodies, societies,
industry associations, NGOs, Government departments, registered companies,
partnership firms, Energy Service companies, academic institutions, individuals etc.
working in India in the similar field.
iii) Temporary empanelment up to 3 years may be awarded to those successful
energy planner & energy auditing firms / agencies which have been in the energy
auditing business. The Energy Auditing Firms / agencies should have to fulfill the
following eligibility criteria for registration.

v) If required, MEDA may ask the applicant to make detailed presentation of their work
in the field of Energy Audit before issuing empanelment certificate.
vi) During empanelment period, if any sort of guidelines, rules & regulations laid by
Central or State government, then it will be applicable to empanelled consultants
and are abide by the same.
viii) Director General reserves the right to modify the any of terms & conditions for
empanelment as well as accept or reject any of the application at any given time.
ix) MEDA may withdraw accreditation of an energy audit firm / agency if it is found on
verification that the firm is indulging in unprofessional / unethical practices.