Download Final List of EoI Applicants Eligible for Opening of Their Financial Bids ... Download Revised Schedule to Submit Shortfall of Technical Document for Empanelment of Channel Partner ... Download 11th State Level Energy Conservation & Management Award 2015-16 Final Result... Download Primary Scrutiny Details for Empanelment of Channel Partner ... Download Notice After Hearing, Priority List and List of Incomplete Proposals Received for Infrastructure Clearance For Bagasse Based Cogeneration Projects.... Download Declaration and Checklist to be Submitted by RE Generator to State Nodal Agency .. Download Notice for Wind Power Projects After Hearing .. Download List of Qualified Wind Power Project Proposals ... Download List of Unqualified Wind Power Project Proposals ... Draft Renewable Energy Grid connected Policy ... Download New and Renewable Energy Policy-2015 Declared by Govt of Maharashtra ... Methodology for Renewable Energy Projects 2015..... Download Notice and List of Wind Power Projects for which Application & Documents for Registration Not Received..... Second Time MEDA Wins National Award for Energy Conservation Activities.. Download Result of 9th State Level EC Award 2012-13 ... School,State, National Level Painting Competition-2014 for School Children ... “Downoload RPO Obligation of RPO/OA Consumbers Meeting Details" “Download Scheme on Energy Clubs Establishment in School “CERC extended the validity of RECs issued on & after 01/11/2011 for a period of 730 days from the date of issuance." Submission of RPO obligation achievement data for the year 2011-12......... Wind Zone Classification Procedure CERC has approved Fees and Charges for accreditation of Renewable Energy Certificate...... Renewable energy generator may register their generator for accreditation at MERC has designated MEDA as State Agency to undertake functions as envisaged in Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (Renewable Purchase Obligation, its Compliance and REC Framework Implementation) Regulations, 2010. Download New Policy 2008 for Energy Generation Through Renewable Energy Sources ...... Designated Consumer data collection for EC Act 2001 .... MEDA received Wind Power Programme Second prize for 2002-2007 period .... MEDA identified as Designated Agency to implement Energy Conservation Act - 2001 in Maharashtra.... Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) issues an order on Bagasse based cogeneration projects.... Largest Solar steam cooker for 7000 meals/day installed at Sai Sansthan, Shirdi....

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The oil shock of late 1970s prompted energy planners world over to look for alternative sources of energy. Proper utilization of renewable energy such as solar, biomass, wind etc., once again started capturing the imagination of mankind. It was realized that sustainable development of the country called for growth of energy sector with effective management and proper mix of available renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. The Government of India set an example as one of the few countries that created independent ministry for renewable energy, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) in the early 1980s.


In line with the Central Government policy, the renewable energy namely Ministry of New and Renewable Energy MNRE) in early eighties. In line with the Central Government policy, Maharashtra created Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA). Registered as a Society on 26 July 1985, MEDA as an organization commenced functioning from July 1986. MEDA's objective is to undertake development of renewable energy and facilitate energy conservation in the State of Maharashtra, as a state nodal agency under the umbrella of the MNRE. Apex controlling body of MEDA is the governing body with the Minister of New and Renewable Energy, Maharashtra state, as Chairman.

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For about a decade since its establishment, MEDA did extensive work in the field of renewable energy focusing on rural areas and stand-alone devices. Integrated Rural Energy Planning (IREP) programme was the main plank of its activities. However, in the last few years, technologies of generation of grid-connected power from renewable sources have matured and were become popular in India.

Accordingly, MEDA has undergone organizational restructuring from a largely rural `Stand Alone System' oriented organization to a significant player in the field of generation of power from Renewables. Generation of power from environment friendly resources has become the main focus. To undertake this onerous responsibility, MEDA has positioned itself as an organization with enough financialand human capabilities having a professional organisational strucutre. We have also undertaken extensive human resource development activities and have created a modern working environment for our staff. Our office uses renewable energy sources: a wind solar hybrid stand-alone-power-system.

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