Grid Connected Rooftop System (GCRT)
:: List of Documents for download ::
Methodology, List of MEDA Empanelled Channel Partners and Technical Specifications
A.1) List Of empanelled project developers - Annexure 1(through EOI)
A.2) List Of All empanelled project developers
B) Methodology for Implementation of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Projects
C) Technical Specifications
MNRE Guidelines, Utility Guidelines, Forms and Annexures
1) Grid Connected Solar Rooftop and small solar power plant Scheme of MNRE dtd 26/06/2014
2) Grid Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power Plants Programme - Scaling up of budget from Rs. 600 crore during the 12th Five Year Plan to Rs.5000/- crore for implementation over a period of five years upto 2019-20 under National Solar Mission (NSM) - 2nd amendment regarding of MNRE dtd 02/09/2016
3) Guidelines of MNRE for smooth implementation of grid connected solar rooftop projects by SNAs/ Discoms dtd 8/09/2016
4) General Guidelines for the consumers desiring connectivity of Roof-top Solar PV System from MSEDCL. *For other utility kindly check respective DISCOM's website.
5) Annexure 2 / Form-A : Checklist for online proposal submission
6) Form B - Submission of Proposal from 1 kWp to 10 kWp capacity
7) Form C - Submission of Proposal above 10 kWp to 500 kWp capacity
8) Annexure 3 - Agreement / Consent / Certificate / Undertaking on Rs.100/- stamp paper regarding CFA from Beneficiary
9) Annexure 4 - Affidavit / Declaration Certificate / Undertaking on Rs.100/- stamp paper regarding specifications from Channel Partner
10) Annexure 5 - Bank details of Beneficiary.
11) Annexure-7 Hard copy documents to be submitted by Proposal owner for disbursement of CFA after Joint inspection to MEDA Head Office
12) Joint Inspection Report
13) Bank Gurantee Format for Open Category D
14) MEDA Bank Details
15) MNRE Notice dated 1st March 2017