Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation act 2001

Data collection of Designated Consumer for Energy Conservation Act 2001

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  2. Download Announcement for Designated Consumer
  3. Download Format for Data Collection
  4. Download List Of Meda Identification Of Designated Consumers In Maharashtra
  • Specify standards, specify appliances and equipment to be subjected to labeling regime
  • Prohibit manufacture, sale, import or deal in appliances and equipment not meeting S&L requirements/standards
  • Inspect and enforce compliance
  • Order mandatory energy audits in specified industries and for "designated consumers"
  • Designate consumers, with powers to exempt
  • Prescribe energy consumption norms
  • Direct any consumer to furnish energy related information
  • Directions for appointment of energy manager
  • Direct any designated consumers to prepare and implement energy efficiency measures (if not meeting norms, and if economical)
  • Prescribe energy conservation building codes
  • Enforce compliance to: building codes, mandatory norms, mandatory energy audit regime, energy efficiency measure implementation
  • Levy penalties (Company as well as individuals in Company)
  • Certification of energy auditors and energy managers
  • Adjudication and appellate procedures
  • Training in techniques for efficient use of energy and its conservation
  • Awareness and dissemination, pilot project demonstration and innovative financing

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