Regulatory Orders

    MERC RPO related Orders FY 2021-22

    1. MERC Order-37 of 2021 (Ms. Bilt Graphic Paper Products Limited seeking declaration that it has fulfilled its Renewable Purchase Obligation for the period FY 2016-17 to FY 2019-20)

    MERC RPO related Orders FY 2020-21

    1. MERC Order-65 of 2020 (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited)
    2. MERC Order-111 of 2020 (Captive Power Producers Association)
    3. MERC Order-130 of 2020 (Captive Power Producers Association Seeking capping of RPO for captive)
    4. MERC Order-335 of 2019 (JSW Steel Limited)

    MERC RE related Orders FY 2021-22

    1. MERC Order-29 of 2021 (Generic Renewable Energy Tariff for FY 2021 to 2022)

    MERC RE related Orders FY 2020-21

    1. MERC Order-26_27 of 2020 (Cogeneration Association of India)
    2. MERC Order-110 of 2020 (Cogeneration Association of India seeking relief exemption under DSM)
    3. MERC Order-177 of 2020 (Orange Maha Wind Energy Pvt. Ltd)
    4. MERC Order-189 of 2020 (Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited MSKVY)
    5. MERC Order- 113 of 2020 (MEDA DEMO Project)
    6. MERC Order-134 of 2020 (“Green Power Tariff" to supply Renewable Energy to consumers opting for 100% green energy for meeting their entire demand)

    MERC RPO related Old Regulations / Orders -

    1. Merc (Renewable Purchase Obligation, Its Compliance And Implementation Of Rec Framework) Regulations, 2016
    2. MERC RPO order No. 190 of 2014 MSEDCL
    3. MERC RPO order No. 191 of 2014 - R-Infra
    4. MERC RPO order No. 192 of 2014 -TPC-D
    5. MERC RPO order No.193 of 2014 - BEST
    6. MERC order for case no 77 of 2013
    7. MERC order for case no 180
    8. MERC order for case no 181
    9. MERC order for case no 182
    10. MERC order for case no 183
    11. MERC (renewable purchase obligation, its compliance and implementation of rec framework) regulations, 2010
    12. MERC has designated MEDA as State Agency to undertake functions as envisaged in Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (Renewable Purchase Obligation, its Compliance and REC Framework Implementation) Regulations, 2010