Important Achievements

  1. Issued the GR No.BDG2016 / P.K.133/ Buildings-2, dated 8th July, 2016 for implementation of Green Building Concept for building projects of GoM.

  2. GR states that the development of all upcoming Government buildings & renovation of existing buildings to be carried out as per Green Building ratings.

  3. Highest number of 14 Energy Conservation Demonstration Projects in Government Building financed by MEDA in one year i.e. FY 2019-20. Total financial assistance of Rs. 323 lakhs provided. This includes State share of Rs. 231 lakhs.

  4. Highest number of public awareness programmes/ workshops / seminars conducted in the State.

  5. Mandatory use of 4 and 5 star labeled products in Govt./ Semi Govt./ Local Govt. organisations

  6. First State to start State level Energy Conservation Award scheme after BEE

  7. Financed detailed energy audits in more than 870 industries/ commercial buildings and energy savings worth Rs.103.00 crore achieved.

  8. Total energy savings through EC Award participating units  reported 270 MW in FY 2014-15.

  9. First State to start Waste Heat Recovery Scheme

  10. First State to notify DSM regulations from State Regulatory Commission

  11. Notification issued  for Mandatory Energy Audits of  all Sugar Factories.