Energy Conservation Notification

MEDA Designated as Nodal Agency for Energy Conservation in Maharashtra

Industries,Energy and Labour Department,
Mantralaya, Mumbai 400 032
Dated 12 March 2003.

No.ESA 1002/CR-8192-NRG-5
In exercise of the powers conferred under clause (d) of section 15 of the Energy Conservation Act (Central Act no.52 of 2001), the Government of Maharashtra hereby designate the Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA) as "The Designated Agency" to coordinate, regulate and enforce the provisions of the aforesaid Act, and also for implementation of the Schemes under the said Act within the State of Maharashtra. MEDA shall establish separate department for implementing Energy Conservation Act-2001 at their own cost and take all such steps necessary for capacity building in MEDA for implementing Energy Conservation Act -2001 in Maharashtra

By order and in the name of the Governor of Maharashtra,

Jayant Kawale
  Secretary to Government (Energy)