Small Hydro Power

smallhydro   A seasonal or perennial (i.e. through the year) flow of water is an excellent source of energy in our rural areas. Nowadays, the technology for small hydro power project system are operated and maintained by the local people successfully. In our country, the total potential for generating electricity through small hydro power projects has been identified at 15,000 MW. In Maharashtra alone, this potential stands at 732.63 MW of which projects with a capacity of 292.525 MW have already been installed by water Resources Department. MEDA has taken an initiative to set up such small hydro power projects in the inaccessible tribal area at village Asli in Nandubar district. The agency has identified 60 potential sites. MEDA has prepared detailed project reports for setting up small hydro power projects having capacity of 300 KW each on Warana River at Mauje Mangale-Saavarde and Chincholi dam. MEDA is mandated to develop shp power projects up to 5 MW on Run of the River, Waterfalls and K.T. Weirs.