Bio Energy

Biogas Power/Thermal (off-grid) Programme

It is important to encourage decentralized biogas based projects from organic degradable waste. Encouragement to such kind of projects will benefit to the individual farmers, village industries (e.g. agro/food processing/kitchen waste etc.). Recovery of energy from these wastes is possible through biomethanation process as anaerobic digestion is the most suitable alternative than composting. Methane gas (CH4) popularly known as biogas is one such alternate sources of energy which has been identified as a useful hydrocarbon with combustible qualities as that of other hydrocarbons. In order to promote biogas based thermal/ power generation projects, specifically in the small capacity range (3 kWeq. to 250 kWeq.), such projects can be taken up at any village level organization, institution, private entrepreneurs, or individuals etc. in rural areas for generation of electricity as well as for thermal applications. The funds would be released on re-imbursement basis after successful commissioning of the biogas project. The biogas plants should be completed within 18 months from the date of sanction of the project.

Central Financial Assistance -


Capacity Range (kW)

Power Generation (`/kW)

Thermal Application





20, 000/-




17, 500/-



30, 000/-

15, 000/-


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