Bio Energy

Biomass Gasifier Programme

Policy Objectives -

  • To encourage the deployment of biomass energy systems in industry for meeting thermal and electrical energy requirement
  • To conserve the use of fossil fuels for captive requirements in industry
  • To bring about reduction in greenhouse gas emission in industry

Biomass Gasifier based Distributed / Off-grid power programme for Rural Areas -

  1. Biomass gasifier based distributed/ off grid power systems in rural areas limited to 250 kW installed capacity, which have surplus biomass resources and unmet demand of electricity for inter alia lighting, water pumping and micro-enterprises including telecom towers etc. will be supported.
  2. Biomass Gasifier based Distributed/ Off-grid power for rural areas for meeting unmet demand of electricity in electrified/ to be electrified villages in potential sites preferably village clusters having potential of biomass

Biomass gasifier based programme in Rice Mills -

  1. Biomass gasifier based captive power plants will be supported in rice mills for meeting their captive needs and surplus power fed into the grid/distributed in local areas.

Central Financial Assistance (CFA) -

S N.


Pattern of CFA

 Biomass Gasifier based Distributed / Off-grid power programme for Rural Areas :


Distributed / off grid power projects in rural areas and grid connected power projects with 100% producer gas engines or biomass based combustion projects.

Rs.15,000 per kW


Biomass gasifier projects for Distributed / Off-grid for Rural Areas and grid connected power projects for ensuring regular availability of biomass, provision of collection, processing and storage and operation & maintenance including compulsory AMC for 5 years after the guarantee period.

Rs.1.50 lakh per 50 kW

Captive Power and Thermal applications in Rice Mills and other Industries :


Biomass Gasifiers for thermal and electrical applications


Thermal applications

Rs.2.0 lakh / 300 kWth


Electrical applications through dual fuel engines

Rs.2.5 lakh / 100 kWe


Producer gas engines with gasifier system

Rs.10.00 lakhs / 100 kWe


Producer gas engine alone

Rs. 8.00 lakhs / 100 kWe


Deployment of biomass Gasifiers with 100% producer gas engines in institutions for captive use


100% producer gas engines with gasifier system

Rs. 15.00 lakhs / 100 kWe


100% producer gas engines alone

Rs. 10.00 lakhs / 100 kWe


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