Bio Energy

Biomass Briquettes 

Huge quantities of agro residues are produced but are inefficiently burnt reducing its thermal efficiency & causing extensive pollution to the environment. These agro residues can be converted to efficient green fuel by means of biomass briquettes / pellets. The major residues are rice husk, bagasse, soyabean husk, cotton stalks, groundnut shells, sawdust, mustard stalks, coir pith, jute sticks and coffee husk etc. Apart from the problems of transportation, storage and handling, the direct burning of loose biomass in conventional grates is associated with very low thermal efficiency and widespread air pollution. In addition, a large percentage of un-burnt carbonaceous ash has to be disposed of. Hence if, these materials are processed into high density fuel briquettes/pellets they can be efficiently utilized. Biomass briquetting is the densification of loose biomass material to produce compact solid composites of different sizes with the application of pressure.

Technical Information -

               A Briquette machine allows compressing above mentioned wastes into briquettes that are environmental friendly and have high calorific value. Burning briquettes as a fuel completes a natural cycle; on combustion they only release as much carbon dioxide back in the atmosphere as was originally absorbed by the growing crops during photosynthesis. Biomass briquettes can be used for power generation or for thermal application but mostly they are used for thermal application in industries replacing conventional fuel.

  • Subsidy  - 20% of the briquette/pellet machine cost or max. Rs. 4 lakhs whichever is less.

As a result of promotional policy, briquetting sector in the state is growing gradually, thereby developing new entrepreneurs, increased income to the farmers & generating employment for rural youths. Due to MEDA’s incentive scheme, many entrepreneurs are benefitted.

Download Scheme -

  1. Download Biomass Briquette GR  11-09-2007

  2. Download Biomass Briquette GR Extension dated 27-02-2009

  3. Download Biomass Briquette GR  26-03-2012

  4. Download List of Briquette / Pellet Beneficiaries on First Come First Serve Basis Benefited during FY 2017-18