Bio Energy

Comprehensive Policy on Decentralised (off-grid) Energy Generation Projects based on New & Renewable Energy (Non-conventional) Energy Sources-2016

Technical Information & Criteria -

Projects can be taken up at urban areas of Municipal Corporations/Corporations or in rural areas of Grampanchayat' where large quantity of segregated organic biodegradable waste can be made available. 

Apart from this, biogas power projects can be set up at locations where large quantities of organic biodegradable waste is available i.e. in Government/Semi-government organizations or private (viz. Prisons, Animal Husbandry Departments Bull rearing centers/Pedigree of bulls frozen semen laboratory etc., canteens of Industrial/Commercial organizations etc.) or at other places where huge quantities of organic biodegradable /kitchen wastes is available 

Segregated MSW based power generation projects are supported under the policy Standard KVIC & fixed dome models (25-85 m3) are supported. Along with this, other biogas power projects those were approved by MNRE earlier would also be supported. However, biogas power projects based on new technology with proven performance in Indian environmental conditions & those have been accorded with certificate of successful continuous operation by Government/ Semi-government/ Urban Local Bodies can also be considered as a special case  Private mode projects would also be supported

Beneficiary can also avail the Central Financial Assistance from MNRE-GoI (as per MNRE guidelines except segregated MSW projects)

Subsidy - 

To develop such kind of projects (Range: 3-250 kW capacity & 100% biogas based engine) in the State, the financial assistance of Rs.40,000 per kW is available & it will be released on “first come first serve basis" in accordance with the budgetary provision on reimbursement basis as per availability.

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