Energy Clubs in Schools

The Ministry of Power has launched the National Awareness Campaign in order to promote energy conservation in the country. Energy Conservation Act 2001 mandates Central Government and State Government to take all measures necessary to create awareness and disseminate information for efficient use of energy and its conservation. Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), New Delhi and Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA) is entrusted with the task to implement such schemes as mandated.

National/State Energy Conservation Awards, Painting Competition, Elocution Competition, Essay Competition on energy conservation for students, and awareness scheme are such a few attempts is undertaking to create awareness about energy efficiency and its conservation. Capacity building of Students is a scheme, BEE is undertaking during the XII five year plan. Establishment/strengthening the energy clubs for schools has been included as one of the activities this scheme. This activity would not only make aware the children about the need of conserving energy but at the same time would educate and involve their parents as well in the above cause. The identified activity is one of the measures, which can help in creating awareness in the domestic sector.

Details of Scheme on Energy Clubs